Terrence Perry, Life Coach

Terrence Perry, MA Psychology, Certified Coach, Author, was born in Louisburg, NC and is the father of two adult sons and one stepdaughter, which all are bright, creative adults themselves. Terrence has overcome a variety of challenges in his professional life and personal battles with the court system, IRS and alcohol addiction. He is an excellent example of what helping others look like. His setbacks and comebacks inspired him not only to re-invent himself as a life coach, but also as an author and speaker for other seeking to re-invent themselves and transform their lives.

"I forgave myself"

Terrence is best known for his service in the community working with your and their families. He has counseled youth while working with the Juvenile Justice System in North Carolina. He has also worked as a correctional officer with the prison system.

Terrence’s new self-help books “Coaching in the Game of Life” and “Bring Your “A” Game” reflects on some of the challenges he had to overcome, how life coaching saved him and the contributions he wants to make to help change the lives of others. Terrence received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from St. Augustine University in Raleigh, NC. Some of his qualifications are:

  • Coach men and women previously incarcerated and those transitioning back into the community and workforce.
  • Counseling clients in overcoming addiction and dependencies as well as making changes in their everyday lives.
  • Worked in the mental hospital providing supportive care to men and women with acute psychiatric illnesses.
  • Owned and managed group homes for male and female teens with addiction issues, abuse issues and behavior issues.

Terrence founded Citizens Empowerment Academy (CEA) with his children in 2010. CEA offered coaching in the creative arts and sports, which included music coaching, dance and basketball coaching

Terrence received his Life Coaching Certifications with Wake County Human Services and HIScoach Training Academy, respectively. He completed a certification course with W.E.B DuBois Community Development Center in Entrepreneurship Preparation. He completed classes with "Jobs For Life" offered at Trinity Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC and with "Step UP Ministry" offered by White Oak Presbyterian Church of Raleigh, NC.

Terrence has been giving back to the community through causes and non-profits he believes in. Currently, he facilitates classes with Justice Served, Inc and Fathers Forever, Inc where he helps adults understand the justice system, child support system and holding each of them accountable for doing what they need to do to stay out of the courtroom and jail cells. Terrence is a powerhouse in the community and a leader in the streets - never forgetting to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Terrence is a lifetime member of St. Paul Presbyterian Church of Louisburg, NC.


A Better You. A Better Me.

Having a clear vision, a game plan and a willingness to take action, changed my life for the better. In 2009, I was facing my second DWI after 16 years of being clean and sober. I knew I wanted to become a life coach, but I was not doing the things I needed to do to make it happen. Really, I was not sure of if I had enough left in me to start my career over at the age of 50. I did great at 40 when I thought that would be my last time starting over in my career. I knew what I wanted to do, just was not sure if I was ready to do the work to make it happen. After a few days of thinking about it and dreaming about my future, I decided I was ready to get in the game and play to win. This time, I would bring my “A” game. I put the Lord first; I did my research; talked with several life coaches and pushed forward. I asked myself, “What do I have to lose? What’s holding me back? I’m single, healthy, kids are grown, so what is stopping me?” The age of 50 turned out to be one of my toughest and greatest yeas of my life. I was ready, willing and able to invest in re-inventing myself once again. I forgave myself for my transgressions, completed community service and regained my self-worth, self-confidence and my passion for living. I had only a few sober friends to turn to for support, but I had a new attitude, a renewed mind. I put my faith in God and instead of trying to lead, I followed. If I can help to make someone else’s life better, then I have to reach my goal for that day and the journey continues.

I am the Wounded Healer and Life Coach, Terrence Perry

Invest In Yourself